Vital statistics
Position A "glorified heat lamp" for Lihzahrds
Status Likes June
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m

Abdul is a Dye Trader, a Djinn and a possible medical aid. He is first mentioned on a note signed by him in comic #514, and he is first seen in person in comic #517. He lives in oasis, in the Desert.

General Information Edit

Not much is known about Abdul, but he seems to be a calm person. Abdul also seems to admire June, as he gives several compliments to her and comments on how he would love to see her at full strength. He also seems to have a level of respect for Maxx and Cyril, as seen when he tells June to have faith in them.

Abdul's appearance resemble a dye trader from Terraria to some extent, judging by his clothing, but unlike the dye trader's model he has a purple turban with a white feather on the front.

Abdul claims to be very bad at giving directions as seen in comic #522, where he says this to Maxx and Cyril. This leads him to advise Maxx and Cyril to travel a short distance into the Desert, yet Maxx, not listening, travels a long way out. After reading the directions, they make massive progress back towards the oasis, only to read the other side of directions and find they WERE supposed to travel far into the desert. This enrages Maxx and Cyril, and they return to oasis and attempt to kill Abdul, only to be halted by June.

In comic #530, it's revealed that Abdul has ancestors who worshipped the Pyramid (which, in fact, was a crashed Lihzahrd spacecraft).

It's revealed in comic #534 that he, in fact, is a djinn.