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Angels are one of the species in The Legend of Maxx.

They live in The Clouds.

All the angels wear a mask. Remmy told Cyril that if a mortal would ever see an angel's face, the world would end.[1]

Angels perceive time differently than mortals.[2]

The known angels are:

  • Remmy , the angel who took Cyril to the Heavenly Waiting Room. He first appeared in Comic #19.
  • Michael , the keeper of the Archives of Truth. He first appeared in Comic #144.
  • Gabe , the one that keeps track of all the monsters in the world. He did not appear in the comic, but is known to be Remmy's best friend.
  • Uriel, a female angel not show in the comic, mentioned in Comic #294, when Remmy assumes Tyrone has a crush on her and that's why he keeps coming back.
  • Yuriel, mentioned in comic #546 but never actually seen.

Other angels can be seen in The Pearly Gates Pub, but their names are unknown.

The angels aren't real angels, but just substitutes. All real angels snuffed out after a disaster called "The Grief".[3]

Angels use dollars as their currency.[4]