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The Demolitionist

The Demolitionist is a character who first appeared in comic #284.

He is a dwarf who was the cause of Tyrone's fourth death (if counting the April's Fools special). He atomized him with a stick of Dynamite.

After Maxx got back, he said that the crater the Demolitionist made would become his new house, as there isn't enough space.

His possible name could be Gimli.

Ask Gimli son of Bomberman here. -June (#294)


The demolitionist blew up his own daughter and moved to the village that Maxx started.

Smurg says in comic #466 that when Goblins bought the Village, they deported the demolitionist for his past criminal activities (i.e. blowing up his family).


  • His possible name, Gimli, is a reference to the Lord Of The Rings. Also, Gimli is one of the possible names of Demolitionist NPC in Terraria, the game which has largely insoired the comic.