The desert is a place where Djinn live. It has showed up four times before.


The Mother's Day comic. The second panel has the said desert.

The first time was in comic #44, when Cyril was dreaming and/or has a flashback. The dream included (in order):

-Cyril finds himself in a desert -His parents come, saying they are leaving him there, and have adopted a zombie instead. -As the parents leave, one of them says that there are desert pythons and leaves.

The second time was the Mother's Day comic, in the second panel.

It appears third time in comic #209, when June tells about Djinn.

And then it shows up again on recent comics, where Maxx & co. are in the middle of the desert.

In desert there is a city called Oasis where Abdul used to live. However, the city got destroyed in comic #536 by the air ignited by run-offs from thrusters of the Chiseler.