Doktor von Vimplegürger
Goblin tinkerer
Vital statistics
Position Inventor
Status "Outcast buddies" with Sophia
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m

Doctor Von Vimplegürger, a goblin tinkerer, is a goblin who was first encountered in comic #329. Other goblins decided to sent him to The Dungeon because one of his inventions erased one goblin from past, future and all other timelines. He was taken, after a series of adventures that the goblins partook, to the Dungeon, to be the new gatekeeper. He speaks with a German accent, and is "Outcast Buddies" with Sophia. Sophia has given him nickname "Gus".


  • Rocket boots
  • Invention that can erase goblins (and possibly other creatures) from past, future and all other timelines