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The gun (or later called the musket) is a firearm that Maxx finds while exploring the corruption.

He calls it a stick thingy at first and then almost kills the group by firing a shot.

It doesn't seem to come up in the comic after Max dropped it in his EoW fight.

first scene of musket


The Musket

June tells about that the world they live in used to be lived in by others until the corruption spread, thus killing the humans and having the musket being locked away in a shadow orb.

June also states that the ancient civilization that lived before the corruption spread had "machines and weapons like you don't see today".


  • In-game, the weapon is only used for battling and deals with no environmental damage. But in the comic, June smashed the orb with the musket, thus awakening the Eater Of Worlds.
  • Maxx uses it (for quite a while) to break the Eater of Worlds' heads.
  • The gun gets knocked out of Maxx's hand and lands in front of June in comic 195