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Hornet nest
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Vital statistics
Type Animal nest
Level Underground
Location Jungle
Inhabitants Hornets

"...If we survive this battle, I want you to euthanise me."


The Hornet Nest is first seen in comic #266, right above where Cyril gets sick and collapses.


The nest appears like a beehive with holes on the bottom used by the hornets to enter and exit the nest. If the Terraria version 1.2 had been released by the time this comic was made, it would have probably been a Bee Hive instead.


In comic #266, Cyril gets sick, most likely from the Nature's Gift he ate earlier. While June waits for Hannah to cure him, Maxx points out that they are standing under a giant hornet's nest. Maxx and June, for once, actually work together to kill the hornets surrounding them. A variety of new dirt weapons are seen made from June's Dirt Rod, such as the Dirt Fly Swatter and Dirt Spray Can.