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Vital statistics
Position Queen of dryads
Age About 700 years
Status Hates Maxx and Xylan and, actually, almost everyone
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m
Weight Unknown

General Information[]

Basedirt bat.png

June, first appearing in comic #146 is a Dryad who came from the Jungle of the Dryad. She is quite aggressive and easily angered. June is short for Juniper.

June is generally very pessimistic, antisocial, and violent. Although she usually appears either bored or angry, early on in the comic, before June got to know Maxx well, she was actually shown to be surprised and scared when Maxx nearly shot everyone in the head with a musket.[1] After this, June became used to Maxx's stupidity and has never reacted the same again, instead just getting angry and injuring Maxx.

At home, her hobbies were practicing her Dirt Rod technique near the town's water supply, bending saplings so that they'd grow into lewd shapes, practicing trombone near Elder Fungus' house during his daily tai chi sessions, and climbing to the top of the lewdly-shaped trees during storms and hoping for death.

June is the Dryad Princess, though she escapes her duties by traveling and not staying around the Dryad town.

Her parents died when she was young.

She got in a fight with Aley, but they made up after he agreed to make her a Tom Collins. However, he didn't know what that was so he went through a long and exhausting process of making it and ended up making a drink which made Cyril stupidly brave and horribly romantic (showing his feelings) towards Hannah.


June's dirt rod She owns a magical Dirt Rod (introduced in comic #153) that can turn dirt into various giant weapons; It was revealed in the Xane and Xlyan arc that she gets it from nearby dirt sources.

June flying with her dirt hand

It can transform into a hand[2], spikes[3], a sword[4], a baseball bat[5], a fly swatter, dirt sword for Maxx to use, and bug spray[6], a dirt Mega Man[7], which could be a reference to his Japanese name, Rockman, a dirt shillelagh [8], a dirt jet and a dirt plane.[9]

Aley caught by June's dirt hand.

It also caused an avalanche to kill the Pygmies.[10]

In comic #435, she uses Spike Ball as a weapon.


June with dirt shillelagh

  • There is a plot flaw going on with June and her hero killing spree. In comic #177, she was clearly stunned by the fact that she almost killed the chosen one, but later we find out she has killed at least nine of them.[11]
  • June's favorite pony (from the show My Little Pony) is Fluttershy.[12]
  • Juniper is a type of tree in the Arctic, Africa, and Central America.