The Legend Of Maxx Wiki

The jungle is home to the Dryads, Pygmies , man eaters (which Maxx tries to make "Friends" with), hornets, lizards and mosquitos. 

Hornet's nest in jungle caves

The dryads live in underground villages, and all play their roles. The Elders consists of Elder Acorn , Elder Willow , Elder Evergreen ,Elder Fungus , Elder Bamboo and Elder Cacao . Also, this is the place where Maxx gets The Blade Of Grass by the power of juggling. 

The Jungle is also June's  Home. 

On their travels, Maxx and Cyril encounter the Pygmies, and Maxx is made their King. Cyril also becomes a wizard due to eating the Nature's Gift  in one of their altars.

Maple and Poa are the border guards of the jungle.