Lihzahrds are creatures in Terraria and in Legend of Maxx, that live in a flying pyramid. Their first apearance was in comic #526. In comic #528, the unnamed brownish yellow lihzahrd tells that they know the "terrible reality of the origin of this universe".

Known Lihzahrds Edit

  • Commander Quollud
  • Lead Engineer Su'Quoria
  • Unnamed light green lihzahrd
  • Unnamed dark green lihzahrd
  • Unnamed brownish yellow lihzahrd
  • Unnamed dark blue lihzahrd

Technology Edit

Lihzard technology is far more advanced than the technology of humans. Examples of lihzahrd technology include:

  • Pyramid-shaped spaceships
  • Ray guns capable of changing the molecular structure of their target
  • The Chiseler, a precision cutting instrument capable of tunneling to the underworld in close to four hours, through almost anything, including sand, rock and the copyright bar. The use of this machine ignites the air for miles around, what is essentially the effect of a nuclear explosion.

"What I can say is that the Oasisers' deaths will almost certainly be quick. Like, Stupendously quick. Like, no-time-for-the-pain-signal-to-reach-your-brain-before-it-gets-vaporised quick." Su'Quoria, #536

  • Jetpacks

Relations with humans Edit

Lihzahrds enjoy the body heat humans produce enough to not vaporise them on the spot.

Trivia Edit

  • Lihzahrds blush blue instead of red.
  • Their weakness is the body heat of humans. That's because they are ectothermic life form.