Due to the fact that Tconfig ended and I've lost interest in modding for terraria, currently modding starbound and working on my own games, this mod as been shutdown though you can still play it on older versions of terraria, and if i ever return to it, I may make a new client of terraria using the older versions so that this mod can be compatible for those that want to play it (assuming they already own the game so its legal)- Rosenblack

TCCLtC 2013-08-31 15-52-38-99

Title Screen v0.1


Well Hello there, I'm Rosenblack and I've decided to make a Legend of Maxx mod in my spare time. So far it's small but as the comic goes on I will eventually have everything in this mod from Jesse's comic. I just love modding :D (Weeeelllll.... Scripting/Programming in general) Enjoy my mod and if you really wanted to you could follow me on Deviantart (I post Maxx Mod stuff on there when I make it as well as other art) or you can email me at (I am really friendly and will try to solve any problems you may have or questions you wish to ask. Hell, I'm here if you just want to talk haha :3 )


Currently Being Worked OnEdit


Progress ~ 75%
In order of priority

  • NPCs

Content InfoEdit

  • Dirt SwordGo to Dirt Sword
  • Visored Iron HelmetGo to Visored Iron Helm
  • Gossamer SwordGo to The Gossamer Sword
  • Cron SwordGo to Cron Sword
  • HeartpoonGo to Heartpoon
  • SkeledeathGo to Skeledeath


Damage: 20
KnockBack: 5
Crafting: 1 Wood, 2 Glowing Mushroom
Crafting Station: Work Bench

Damage: 50
KnockBack: 4
Crafting: 1 Wood, 1 Life Crystal
Crafting Station: Work Bench

The Ultimate Sword of Awesomeness
Damage: 93
KnockBack: 36
Items: 10 fallen star, 10 heart crystals, 4 demonite bars, two woo
Tiles: anvil

Gossamer Sword
Damage: 50
KnockBack: 5
Items: 10 Silver Bar,1 Silver Broadsword
Tiles: Anvil


Defense: 10
Crafting: 10 Bone
Crafting Station: Furnace

Content ProgressEdit


  • Hammush ~ 100%
  • Heartpoon ~ 100%
  • Gossamer Sword ~ 100%
  • Cron Sword ~ 100%
  • Dirt Sword ~ 99%
  • Dirt Bat ~ 1%
  • Hannah's Heels ~ 55%
  • Shampoo ~ 10%


  • Visored Iron Helmet ~ 100%
  • Skeledeath ~ 100%
  • Robes (or Wizard Pyjamas) ~ 100%


  • Maxx ~ 5%
  • Aley ~ 5%
  • Cyril ~ 80%
  • June ~ 50%
  • Hannah ~ 50%
  • Tyrone ~ 50%
  • Elders ~ 0%
  • Unnamed Merchant ~ 85%
  • Unnamed Demolitionist ~ 50%

How to install the modEdit

Before you can play this you need tccl for tconfig

If you have terraria run through steam, it can work without steam
1. Run the Legend Of Maxx Installer.exe
2. Play the game
and the above doesn't work (Sometimes computers hate me, they might hate you to haha)
1. Copy Legend Of Maxx.obj
2. Go to the folder in your documents where the modding folder is located
(Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModPacks <= that's my one as an example)
3. Paste it into the last folder called ModPacks and the play terraria through tconfig (make sure the mod is on first)

Known BugsEdit

  • The Recipe Book interface is too big, so the buttons are not visible on smaller screens because of that.
  • The Iron helmet appears twice in the Recipe Book.
  • The Night's Edge appears twice in the Recipe Book.
  • The Heartpoon appears, in multiplayer, as a normal spear to all players except the one using it.


         Current Version - 0.5.1


Weapons 0.4

Weapons 0.4.1

Current Weapons


Recipe book - Grable


16/7/12 (0.1) - Started the Mod!!!
10/12/12 (0.2) - Made the mod public with Hammush and Heart-poon
13/12/12 (0.3) - Fixed bug where Heartpoon can attack NPCs
15/12/12 (0.4) - Update mod to tconfig v0.28.1
31/08/13 (0.4.1) - Moved mod over to TCCL for TConfig
03/09/13 (0.5) - Gave LoM descriptions to some default items
04/09/13 (0.5.1) - Changed guide %50 into cyril and added a recipe book by Grable