The Legend Of Maxx Wiki
Vital statistics
Position Merchant
Status Friends with no one
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m
Weight Unknown

Unlike the other NPCs that have joined Maxx on his quest, both the Merchant and the Demolitionist have joined the party while Cyril was unconscious and talking to the Nature's Gift (#284). So far all we know is that he entered "this crummy continent" (as quoted by June) to be first in line for when the maps get drawn so that he can take advantage of the untapped beauty of the land.

"Everyone knows that there's gain profit from colonizing the beautiful untapped wildernesses, stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and then diwying it up among victors of an arbitrary war so they can exploit its resources! I just wanted to make sure I was first in line when the maps get drawn." (#291) Also he enjoys playing Ogiopoly which is a game like monopoly, but you can never go bankrupt and just keep getting richer and richer.

NPC Qualities[]

He is a merchant, although his shop items are unknown at the time (they could be the same as in the game or have different items), we do know he would sell and take anything, because when Tyrone died in the explosion made by the Demolitionist's dynamite he said:

"Does anyone know who that guy was? And will anyone care if I take his gold chain?" (#292)

Later he took the chain while everyone was still shocked that people keep dying left, right and center. The merchant also sold Maxx's vilagee to smurg and the rest of the goblins.