This article is about the Naiad species. For other species, see Species 

Known Naiads Edit

 - Xyvareth - location unknown,possibly dead. 

-Xane - Dual wielding, hammock making guy, also called the Maniac. First appears in Comic #300 with black cloak.


-Xygvane, Xyvareth's younger brother, who wanted to end the war between naiads and dryads. He died in "mysterious circumstances". He was mentioned by June in comic #431.

-Aleck, one of Xane's guards, who was stabbed by Xane in comic #501.

Weaponry: Edit

Naiad soldiers use the Light's Bane .  The Muramasa is the most powerful Naiad weapon , and the sword of Xyvareth.

Element: Edit

The Naiads represent the element of Water, the element of emotion, love, compassion and healing.