The Legend Of Maxx Wiki

This is a tribute page to RazorKnight's horrible puns we all secretly love.

  • Water's cold enough, so the Guide should just chill. - Comic 56
  • Guide can't count. There are three Maxxes around. And they all look like n00bs. - Comic #66
  • Eating a glowing mushroom could be a brilliant idea. - Comic #68
  • They both need to equip something better than Wooden Brain to go out exploring. - Comic #73
  • Tomisepic101: THE IRON. IT'S RIGHT THERE.
    • RazorKnight: One could almost say it's ironic that it's being ignored like that. - Comic #73
  • I must say the last couple of strips really hammushed me. And I always knew Maxx was a bonehead. - Comic #76
  • One could almost say Maxx has become Skeletor Prime. - Comic #77
  • It wasn't irony, it was coppery. - Comic #79
  • Because he's a Fairy good fellow. That last panel looks, how to say it? Very ale-goric. - Father's Day 2012 Part 2
  • One could say Maxx's thick skull broke his fall. Or that the fall broke Maxx's thick skull, whichever works best for you. - Comic #81
  • Piranhas have the usual enemy AI: See player, tackle player, just throw the heart, they'll faceplant right into it. - Comic #84
  • And I must say the effects are well drown lately. The water you gonna do next, I master? I was a-squid to stop making marine puns because they turtle everyone. - Comic #85
  • That's one way of using the "power of the heart." Maxx is almost a Magical Girl now. And he's surely going to heart those piranhas a lot now. - Comic #87
  • Stop the heart puns, you're hearting my brain, and you sound quite a vein while doing it. - Comic #90
  • Ahem… So, heart crystal? I’m sure Maxx is done eating those Heartburgers he was cooking by now. - Comic #118
  • We could almost say the Eye of Cthulhu is in…Wait for it…L’Oreal pain now. - Comic #129
  • Damaged, dry hair? There’s nothing to be shampooed about. - Comic #130
  • Also, Cron sword. Hope that, unlike Maxx, it does have an irony center. - Comic #134
  • The eye is white and red and all over the place. - Comic #137
  • You could almost say he’s in… Wait for it… Maxx Payne. - Comic #140
  • Well, I suppose we got to see angels from a new angle… - Comic #142
  • Hopefully, he doesn’t poo in the same water he drinks from. - Comic #145
  • I would make a joke about the dryad, but that particular well dryad up a long time ago…. - Comic #146
  • Jesse: One day, all of your puns will be gathered in a great museum for all to read and groan at.
    • RazorKnight: Yeah, I just need another $3M to found it myself. But the money’s nowhere to be found.//Another pun for fun
  • Maxx had some loom left in his base after putting everything else in it, and didn’t know what to do with it. - Comic #158
  • (Insert bad pun about the events within the comic.) - Comic #164
  • I guess Maxx has just had his illusion robbed. Or should I say, robed? - Comic #288

This page will be updated with more of RazorKnight's horrible, yet inspiring puns.