The Legend Of Maxx Wiki
Vital statistics
Position Angel
Age Several hundred years
Status Friends with Gabe
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m

First appearance of Remmy.

General Information[]

Remmy is an angel who first appeared when Cyril died for the first time.[1]

Remmy, as with all Angels, wears a mask. When Cyril asks why he wears it, he responds that he (and possibly every angel) doesn't remember and that it may be because the world is thought to end if a mortal sees an angel's face.[2]

Remmy likes playing Call of Duty: Zombies with Gabe and trying to pick up babes at The Pearly Gates Pub.[3] He also watches a television serie called "I Married A Moderately Attractive, Middle-Class Working Man And Now I'm Stuck In A Marriage Which No Longer Thrills Me But Provides Just Enough Stability That I Can't Risk My Future By Asking For A Divorce!"[4]

Remmy at The Pearly Gates Pub being drunk

His name is short for Remiel.[5]

He is the one that gives Cyril the "reverse-engineered" cellphone when he died so Cyril could call him.[6]

He drinks very large amounts of alcohol.[7]

Apparently, the end-of-the-world thing is just to impress girls.