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Skeledeath mask
Vital statistics
Type Worn item
Source Killing a skeleton
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

Skeledeath is a mask item worn by Maxx that was stolen from a defeated skeleton in the rocky dirt layer of the underground while adventuring with Cyril. It becomes stuck on his head and he keeps it on, not admitting that it was stuck, until comic #81 where he accidentally breaks it. While wearing and shortly after losing it, Maxx makes a couple of references to the Masters of the Universe franchise, for example, calling Cyril "He-Guide", a reference to the character He-Man from the said franchise. The name "Skeledeath" is also a reference to Skeletor, the nemesis of He-Man.

It first appeared in comic #76.

Skeledeath in all his glory


  • The ability to wear skulls in Terraria was likely added as a reference to Maxx's Skeledeath mask.