Vital statistics
Position Mechanic
Age 14
Status Friends with "Gus"
Physical attributes
Height About 1.5 m
Weight Unknown

Sophia is the mechanic, and she first appeared in comic #403. She is the one who designed the traps of The Dungeon. She has a bright, excitable personality and loves bunnies. She and Doktor von Vimplegürger are "outcast buddies".

She says in comic #404 that her parents drugged her and sent her to this continent. Then, the Naiads drugged her again and offered her a job of booby-trapping The Dungeon, saying that they would let her go as soon as it was done. However, when the job was finished, they threw her into prison instead.

In comic 458 Jesse said:

"I’ve decided it’s canon that Sophia’s eyes are slightly crossed. She wasn’t cute enough already, you know?"

Equipment Edit

Sophia carries around a giant Wrench.

"[the wrench] Its like a part of me dude. You can't separate us." - Sophia the Mechanic-
Sophia Giant Wrench

Sophia's Giant Wrench beside the Tinkerers Glasses and a lantern.

She wear red shirt and yellow pants with suspenders.



  • In comic #499½, Poa says that she's fourteen years old.
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