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Tyrone is an arms dealer who showed up in Comic #217 and says his name while practicing his entrance in Comic #218 He then died shortly after, and met with Remmy. Tyrone also has a crush on every female main character. He has a Minishark, altough he doesn't know how to use it.[1] He later is seen hangin out in Heaven, because he does not want to die again. He has a friendship with Skelerina.


His deaths have turned into a running gag, he has died a number of times.
- #218 by Zombies when he first introduces himself to the reader.
- April Fools special by Jesse with his laser beam eyes.
- #232 by Aley the Fairy's Death Laser.
- #292 by Demolitionist's dynamite
- #421 Minced by Xane for forgetting the anchovies from his pizza.

He also died several other times to Xane not seen in the comics:

Used by Xane as both a guide for directions to get back to the dungeon AND someone he could stab repeatedly in order to vent his anger an frustration.

Used by Xane as a test subject to show a soldier how to stab someone through the aortic arch.

Impaled by Xane after spawning in front of a tree Xane was throwing sawfish at.

Killed by Xane through either trauma or asphyxiation (or possibly both) after being strapped to the keel of his boat.

Impaled by Xane again after spawning into his dagger.