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Village (aka Goblintown)
Maxxwell's Bar And Possibly a Grill
Maxxwell's Bar And Possibly a Grill
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level Surface, underground (mine)
Location Forest
Inhabitants Smurg, Zok, Blog, and Gurg

The Village (now known as "Goblintown") is the place where Maxx, Cyril, Aley, Hannah, the Merchant, Gimli, and (only sometimes) June used to live until the Merchant sold the village to the goblins. Currently, Smurg, Zok, Blog, and Gurk live in the village. The Village is lit by Tiki Torches. It's located in a forest biome.


Changes which goblins made to the village[]

  • There is a sign which reads "Goblintown".
  • Maxx's House was used as spike ball storage until Sophia stole them in comic #487. There also are two goblin statues on top of it.
  • The hole next to Cyril's Graveyard is filled.
  • Townhall has some goblin banners and a painting "Goblins playing poker" from Terraria hanging on its wall.
  • There is a mine. However, nobody's currently working in it, because the first mine worker, Gimli, was deported because his past criminal activities and the second mine worker, Cyril, resigned from his job because his arms popped off when he tried to lift pickaxe.
  • Smurg says in "The June That Stabbed Me: Part 1" Halloween special that he is building a "community abeyance center" in the village.


"In this untamed, barbaric wilderness, I alone stand as a beacon of democracy and civilization."
-Smurg, comic #464